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 Is health coaching right for me? 

Health coaching is right for you if you crave for a better sense of freedom & control in your life & your health - comfortability in your skin - confidence in who you are, as you are - clarity in what's best to put in your body - sustainable energy to do what you want to do - passion in your career & your relationships - accountability for your actions. Lastly, health coaching is only right for the ones wanting, willing, & open to CHANGE.    

 What is Health Coaching? 

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Health Coaching is the link between your frustration & a sustainable lifestyle change. Diets, quick-fixes, and crying-cookie-binges about how much you hate your job lack sustainability, but a healthy lifestyle & mindset does not. In order to be able to arrive at that "lifestyle makeover", whatever that looks like for you, we have to dive deep. Your habits have been building since the day you opened your eyes to this beautiful world. Each habit you have created to this point has been built with a positive intention through your parents, your environment, your friends, your instincts, & what's comfortable & easy.


#1 - You understand what you truly want & we create goals to achieve those desires, in a healthy, sustainable way.

#2 - You find your WHY. What pushes you - motivates you - drives you to be a better human, to live the best life you are capable of living?

#3 - You take small manageable steps towards lasting change by putting useful tools in your tool-belt to face life's smallest & biggest challenges with a new perspective & mindset. Sustainable change is not a jaunt in the park, it's a journey. 

#4 - You naturally create new habits that stick! You will have a new level of heightened intuition about what you, your body, and your mind needs to stay happy & healthy.

#5 - You take over the world! ;)

Through health coaching

 What does Happy Meets Healthy Specialize in? 

- Weight loss

- Diet, habit & lifestyle change

- Chronic fatigue

- Digestion problems

- Dietary allergies & detoxification

- Type 2 Diabetes prevention/reversal

- Thyroid imbalance

- Emotional/stress eating

- Infertility

- Heart disease

- Autoimmune conditions 

- Career coaching


Chronic digestion problems can disturb important moments in your day-to-day & prevent you from being involved. Finding out the root cause & taking action can create more freedom in your life.


Can you imagine feeling fully energized ALL DAY LONG, naturally? No caffeine, sugar, or naps in your car needed for fuel!


Toxins enter our bodies from the air we breath to the pesticides that are in our food. You can completely reset your system & give your energy, metabolism & digestion a boost by detoxing the body naturally! 


Being at a healthy weight can make a difference in EVERY area of your life. When you feel good about your body, it boldly shines through in your career, your relationships, your social life, your activities, & your overall happiness as a human. Sustainable weight loss cannot be achieved by a diet change

overnight, but a lifestyle change you love will

do the trick!   


There is no eliminating stress from your life completely, but you can learn how to relax into the chaos & react to stress in a way that best serves you those around you. 


There are many diseases that can be prevented, reversed, or controlled through your lifestyle choices. When YOU are in control, your pain, pills, and anxieties can lessen dramatically.

 Which Program is right for me? 

It depends on your goals, the depth of the issues, and YOU! This is a perfect question to ask your Health Coach in your Discovery Session. Delaney encourages this preliminary session to make sure that health coaching is right for you and that the two of you are a perfect fit to move forward into a program that will most benefit you.

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