The Beginning of "Happy"

"Transformation is not sweet & bright. It is a dark & murky, painful pushing. An unraveling of the untruths you've carried in your body. A practice in facing your own created demons. A complete uprooting before becoming."

- Victoria Erickson

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"Happy Meets Healthy", a name thought up by Delaney's husband in 2014 over dinner in Austin, TX, discussing her new healthy lifestyle blog endeavor. After her own personal weight loss & happiness journey, she decided to share her "secrets" with the world through what she thought was going to be just a blog about a health, yoga, & recipes.


After years of thinking Interior Design had to be her only career path, she had found her niche in sharing happiness & health & decided to go back to school from 2015-2018 as well as train for her 200RYT. Happy Meets Healthy turned into a health coaching company in 2016 as Delaney began coaching clients after her first certification was complete.  

Since then, Happy Meets Healthy has helped over 150 men & women achieve their personal health & wellness goals through habit & mindset change by empowering & teaching through small purposeful steps with nothing but encouragement, compassion, and a sprinkle of tough-love, all with her unique coaching methods. 

Delaney currently lives in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua with her husband & one-eyed dog. She coaches solely over the phone & online with one-on-one clients & group programs. When she is not coaching or teaching yoga, she loves adventuring in the jungle, experimenting in the kitchen, & soaking up lots of Vitamin D on the beach with good company.

Deaney Wray Griffin
Delaney Wray Griffin
Delaney Wray Griffin
Delaney Wray Grifin
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